“Beautiful Beige-True Unity” Is The 2021 Festival Tour’s Theme & Mission, Produced By The Legends of Rasta Reggae Festival (Formally, the Annual Bob Marley Festival Tour)

Press Announcement
By: Pat Gregory
June 1, 2021

2020 was very stressful on the cancellations of small and large live events around the world including the planned 2020 Festival Tour dates caused by the Corona Virus pandemic. Planning a tour during these stressful days is all most impossible; which is why we have decided that moving forward we will produce Pop Up Festivals, in select locations that blends with the mission of LORRF and announce where and when, two to three months out from the Festival.

2020 was one of the most challenging time that most of us have ever experienced in our lives, due to COVID 19 and the constant barrage of misinformation, conspiracy theories that completely fooled a large potion of our population in the US and around the world.

There are two things that the creator gave to man that no other species has; the ability to have free will, and the ability to reason with logic.

COVID 19 not only ravishes the body of those it infected, but it also created stressful emotions for the infected and those connected to them; that alone with the distressful emotions from, misinformation and conspiracy theories that created emotional and misleading decisions that have divided us as a people, Country and has led many people down a negative path.

Abilities are like muscles, the more you use them the stronger they become, decisions using rationale-reasoning, straightening the logic ability; but the use of making constant emotional decisions weakens the rationale logic abilities in those choosing to make decisions, based on misinformation and emotional conspiracy theories not based on fact, must understand that those theories are tools of negativity, that can not bare positive results when made.

All that been said, the mission of the next Tour is the 2022 Festival and is to created a blend of energy of colors of the mind, body and spirits of fans and followers of the festival integrate the definition of the color Beige, which can only be achieve by each of us involved having unconditional LOVE.

Our objective is to encourage everyone to see Beautiful Beige-True Unity, meaning no one sees other people as White, Brown, Yellow, Red or Black colors, but a blend of all those colors both in spirit and body, but more important it can only be achieve though the love of each other regardless of race creed are gender as one in mind/spirit/empathy and understanding for all cultures.