Performer Submission 2020

Performer Submission Information For The 2020 LORRF Tour

(Special Note “Simply Love” Is The 2020 Festival Tour’s Theme, Produced By The Legends of Rasta Reggae Festival (Formally, the Annual Bob Marley Festival Tour), Powered By

The Tour is an Artist Promotional Marketing Tour highlighting Legends Honorees, selected regionally popular reggae and world beat acts who are chosen from a worldwide performer pool available to producers to complete the lineup, with special preferences given to Women and features a collection of talented ladies performing as the “Good Karma Devas” says, Executive Producers. Past Performers

Acts interested in performing at any LORRF Festival in 2020 please submit a 500 word introduction and (2) two known reggae or worldbeatcover songs (mp3 files) and one picture by e-mail to, please do not submit any additional information to be considered.

Once, your information has been reviewed, you will receive and e-mail reply indicating requirements how to complete the submission process

(Please No Phone Calls)

Many Blessings

Founder, Executive Producer

If not able to send promo kits by the digital options, the selection committee requires hard copies of bio and at least one CD and picture. This is a requirement for all acts that cannot meet the digital options.  The package must be submitted by snail mail or fast snail mail only, and must be a complete promotional package that again includes picture, CD and act’s Bio. Send to: LORRF Executive Producer LORRF 4110 Almeda, #8305, Houston, Texas 77288

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