“Beautiful Beige-True Unity” Is The 2021 Festival Tour’s Theme & Mission, Produced By The Legends of Rasta Reggae Festival (Formally, the Annual Bob Marley Festival Tour)

Press Announcement
By: Pat Gregory
June 1, 2021

2020 was very stressful on the cancellations of small and large live events around the world including the planned 2021 Festival Tour dates caused by the Corona Virus pandemic. Planning a tour during these stressful days is all most impossible; which is why we have decided that moving forward we will produce Pop Up Festivals, in select locations that blends with the mission of LORRF and announce where and when, two to three months out from the Festival.

2020 was one of the most challenging time that most of us have ever experienced in our lives, due to COVID 19 and the constant barrage of misinformation, conspiracy theories that completely fooled a large potion of our population in the US and around the world.

There are two things that the creator gave to man that no other species has; the ability to have free will, and the ability to reason with logic.

COVID 19 not only ravishes the body of those it infected, but it also created stressful emotions for the infected and those connected to them; that alone with the distressful emotions from, misinformation and conspiracy theories that created emotional and misleading decisions that have divided us as a people, Country and has led many people down a negative path.

Abilities are like muscles, the more you use them the stronger they become, decisions using rationale-reasoning, straightening the logic ability; but the use of making constant emotional decisions weakens the rationale logic abilities in those choosing to make decisions, based on misinformation and emotional conspiracy theories not based on fact, must understand that those theories are tools of negativity, that can not bare positive results when made.

All that been said, the mission of the next Tour is the 2022 Festival and is to created a blend of energy of colors of the mind, body and spirits of fans and followers of the festival integrate the definition of the color Beige, which can only be achieve by each of us involved having unconditional LOVE.

Our objective is to encourage everyone to see Beautiful Beige-True Unity, meaning no one sees other people as White, Brown, Yellow, Red or Black colors, but a blend of all those colors both in spirit and body, but more important it can only be achieve though the love of each other regardless of race creed are gender as one in mind/spirit/empathy and understanding for all cultures.

This Poem Says It All:
Happiness, Peace and Universal Love, Are right here on Earth as it is in Heavens above if we are all about love. It stand to reason that sooner than later, because there are more of us that have love in there hearts than those that have hate in their hearts, positive energy unity, will always overcome the negative energy of hate.

As the world grows older in time we all must understand we are judge on how we age, and its when we realize we should only see others as Black, White, Brown or Red can only be achieve by seeing all as a blend of Love energy of colors the mind, body and spirits seeing all as one and that blend of colors will be Beautiful Beige

Once Realized we will truly know that Love Peace & Happiness or on the way, and I just hope we the people of earth will be here to see that day Chances are by then instead of fighting each other we will be friends, and as the world grows older in time we are going to age to one color Beautiful Beige

There will be no reason for people to be known as black White, Brown or Red because when this day comes all chances of discrimination will be dead If you could see what happiness lies in our future days then yo Beautiful Beige
Copyright 1980

Main Office, Houston, TX – The tour is and has always been about “Beautiful Beige-True Unity”, says Sirron Kyles, the Tour’s Founder and Executive Producer. “It always makes my heart warm seeing people of all religions, races, and political differences enjoying the festival full of love and joy, together as one body and one heart.” The inspiration for the festival theme is just about this quote, “Beautiful Beige-True Unity” and the positive messages shared by the performers and fans attending.

Every year performers are invited to partner with the festival and it always includes, invitations to reggae & world music Legends to Honor. Regionally popular reggae and world beat and island rising stars are also chosen from a worldwide performer’s pool that is available to the producers to complete the lineup for each date, with “special consideration preferences given to “Women”,” stated the executive producers.

About the Festival & The Drive To Help Those in Need

The last several years, the producers have been working on plans to expand the dates and cities for the festival. With increasing security costs and changing city venue requirements, it has been challenging to expand the reach of the festival, but the reward of the festival helping bridge the gaps of divisiveness in America and increase the influence of Reggae and World Music, as it has done in past years, makes it a worthwhile effort. That’s why the producers were inspired to make this year’s theme & mission “Beautiful Beige-True Unity” .

Asking the public for bags of non-perishable foods, donations and discount admission benefiting local charities began in the early eighties, and it has always been the mission of LORRF from day one, (formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour). Many people are still suffering from devastation that has impacted them over the past few years.

“Caring is just a reflection of the diversity of the festival participants and their love for Reggae and World Beat’s music messages of helping the underprivileged with assistance by providing, food for the hungry and help for the homeless. It is just who they are,” Says Sirron Kyles, executive producer and founder.

This year the producers are expanding these efforts by focusing on helping small vendors. (Vendors must register at www.lorrf.com to be eligible and considered for waived vendor fees. These efforts are powered by fans and sponsor’s crowd-funding campaign.) If you still need recovery assistance, e-mail us, so LORRF or its partners can see if we can help quicken the process for your recovery. Producers interested in bring the Festival area should contact the festival office with their request for more information.

Normal Dates and Times: SAT & SUN Start Noon and End at 11:00 PM | SUN End 10:00 PM: Locations: TBA

Benefiting Local & National Organizations: That Provides “Food For The Hungry And Help For The Homeless”

Advance Admission $25/$35: Tickets On Sale TBA Day Of Show Donation Admission: Noon to 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Cash Donation TBA, Family Bags Nonperishable Food, Or Other Supplies, Dictated By Charities.

Inquiries for more information can be directed to the executive producers.

LORRF C/O Executive Producers

Legends Of Rasta Reggae Festival

PO Box 8305 | Houston, TX.- 77288

713-866-4006, 408-506-0913

info@legendsofrastareggaefestival.com * www.legendsofrastareggaefestival.com | www.LORRF.com


Normal Dates/Times: SAT. & SUN. Start Noon * End-11:00 PM * SUN END 10:00 PM: Locations: TBA

Benefiting Local Organization: That Provides “Food For The Hungry And Help For The Homeless”

Admission: Tickets On Sale TBA

Day Of Show Donation Admission: Noon To 2:00 PM To 4:00 PM Cash Donation TBA Or Family Size Bag of Non-perishable Food. Donación en efectivo o Bolsa tamaño familiar de Alimentos No perecederos.

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Off Stage Activities

One of the long-standing and very popular activities of the Festival is the Drum Circle,  where fans are invited to bring their drums and participate with other drummers and music from the Drum Stage. Participa en el Círculo de Tambores con otros artistas.

Tattoo Village (Some Markets)

A new attraction to the Festival, with US Top Tattoo artists creating Ink Art in safe and sterile environments offering permanent, temporary or Henna tattoos. Also, sponsored Tattoo removal shops will be set up to provide Ink removal and make future office-removal appointments. Nueva atracción del festival.

Food Court & Arts & Crafts Market = Diversity is never more prominent than with the vendors that are selected to be with us on the Tour. Many fans plan on attending the event each year because of the selection of quality eatables served: from island favorites to the best of traditional and popular festival home-style goodies, with something for everyone´s delight at the Festival’s Food Court. Fans that have attended LORRF understand this, as the event draws shoppers and fans from in and outside America. Disfruta deliciosos alimentos que muestran la diversidad de nuestros vendedores y asistentes

The unique gifts and items sold by the Arts & Crafts Market’s vendors, who are selected because of the products they sell, will definitely appeal to fans of the event. A core group of vendors selected will travel from city to city with the Tour. Click To Register For Vendor Space

Sirron Kyles Executive Producer

The Legends Of Rasta Reggae Festival, formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour, (LORRF) is always about “HOPE”, Love, Unity and messages from Bob Marley’s songs.

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